"Today is your birthday; well it's my birthday, too." I quote a legendary writer. I remember the line because we celebrated Cadence's fourth birthday.

What a conversationalist at such a young age. I believe it is the exposure to the DVD/cable movies made by various multimedia moguls like Disney, DreamWorks and others. They have a product that is stimulating parts of our brains with brilliant colorful sophisticated special effects and techniques. To this add the attentiveness to detail, with the family members interactions and you have the new age social child.

We all have a child like this, they are our future. They bring joy to our hearts and add the flavor of complexities that make our lives that much more interesting.

The day before her birthday party, Cadence was walking toward the sofa and said, "Grandpa, come here and sit with me on the sofa." I smiled and said, "OK." She continued, "I want to tell you what I did yesterday, Grandpa."

The discussion was almost adult-like and it was so difficult to keep a straight face. "Grandpa is gushing with pride at the dialogue with the beautiful little Cinderella about her palace activities."

Cadence received an early birthday gift. It was a beautiful Deluxe Kitchen from Toys-R-Us with all the accessories. She said, "It even has the kitchen sink, Grandpa."

She shared the biggest eyes in the universe and a contagious smile that could melt any heart of stone. She was having great fun with her new toy.

It is so hard not to swell with pride that could knock down a pachyderm. To be able to share and relive those fabulous familial moments that you never thought would be repeated after your children grow up. That great land of Grandparents' World is so amazing that sometimes words fail me to describe the feelings.

Every grandparent that I have ever talked to enjoys similar experiences and finds this paradise indescribably delectable.

I still remember vividly that state of mind, the amazing feeling when we first realized that we were grandparents. It has to be one of those "Wows" or moments in life that has to be highlighted because of the importance in any family. This unique feeling has been revisited each time we have celebrated the birth of another grandchild and we have four.

Now kids will be kids, after all, they are innocent children. Every time those fabulous moments happen that you are all giddy and inexplicably proud, the reality of their foibles comes to light until the next fabulous moments happen again. Then again, that is what life is all about. Yet, I would venture to say that my cup always remains full.

It is so tricky to maintain a balance when talking to a child that in so many ways speaks and acts like an adult. The behavior is so convincing that it is easy to forget that it is a child with whom you speak.

Let us not forget that mere words do not make a responsible adult out of the brightest child.

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at joesantosm@hotmail.com.