A new administration is in the White House, and locally the Precinct 5 Constable's office also has newly elected leaders this year. The national trend of recognition and selection of women in strong leadership roles is happening here, too. It was an amiable interview when I met with Chief Deputy Sigur.

I had previously met her years before, but knew more about her through her work from other community residents. She is known for her positive work record and ethics, which speaks volumes for her ability to work with the public. She is originally from the City of Goliad. She has been married for three years to a DPS Criminal Intelligence Investigator. She communicated that they are both happy to help nourish each others' two step-children to make a happy family of six. After 27 years of experience as an officer of the law with DPS, she wanted to stay home. However, their youngest child is 19 and her work ethic would not allow her to just stay home. She is pleased that her husband is very supportive of her new career.

At first, she seriously considered just applying for the school truancy officer job that Constable Ysassi would leave vacant upon starting his new job as Precinct 5 Constable. She knows her job well as an effective public servant of the law.

It is amusing when fate takes a hand. When she made her inquiry about the truancy job she found out she was also well qualified to apply for this Chief Deputy job. She found this job appealing and challenging, so she applied. She had never met Mr. Donicio Ysassi before she applied for this job and he would be her boss. She met the qualifications for the job in addition to her 27 years as an officer for the Texas Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol. To her surprise, she said, she got the job.

Chief Deputy Sigur seems to always have a pleasant smile when dealing with the public, added to her serious work demeanor with the ability and experience to get the job done. She built a reputation of being fair and respectful to the citizens of our communities as a DPS officer in the Coastal Bend area. She said, "I had the privilege to patrol these communities."

This lady is a role model for both women and men. She is known for following the rules and the letter of the law. That is what she does. She said, "It is second nature to me to follow the rules and enforce the law fairly." She wants to continue to earn respect from the Robstown, Agua Dulce and Banquete communities which are part of Precinct 5's responsibility. Her efforts will be directed toward leadership in unity and cooperation to be effective as a law enforcement agency.

She wanted to contribute to a better and safer area for our deputy constables to be seen, be content and be effective doing their job. She sees this job as a great opportunity. The deputy constables will work cases on domestic violence, burglar reports, civil paperwork, school zones, parks and accidents in the area as officers of the law.

Chief Deputy Sigur plans to promote and facilitate officers' continuation of criminal justice education. She believes in continuing education for all staff. She added, "That means our officers will look forward to continuing education to get certifications in different areas of expertise in law enforcement."

Our constables' work will help reduce the pressure for DPS. Some of our deputies felt that it was about time to work vehicle accidents in the area. The deputy constables are motivated to actively work on accident investigations. They are getting new uniforms in a dark blue color which will elevate morale. She believes that looking sharp and making good impressions will add to building mutual respect between the law enforcement officers and the public in our communities.

I noticed that both the Chief Deputy and the Constable Ysassi share the same strong belief in doing the right thing. She said that means that they will try to be honest, upright enforcers of the law by following the letter of the law. At the same time, she believes that the respect for the citizens and mutual building of respect for the agency will be paramount. Chief Deputy Sigur communicated that she cares about our communities being safe and wants to earn the trust needed to make it happen.

Chief Deputy Sigur said that they have had several telephone calls on the visibility of the deputy constables by making sure that the county parks are safer and secure in surrounding areas.

They have also received comments from different city mayors on the constables' effectiveness in the school districts that help prevent accidents in school zones. Having a safe environment for all the community is one of their goals. In closing, she added, "The rumor that our officers are happy doing their job effectively is true."

Joe Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at joesantosm@hotmail.com.