PT Jones said: "We were driving to our job site located out of town."

PT is my cousin, my best friend and a source of many stories. I want to credit him for today's anecdote, which in reality is a true success swan story.

PT was remembering his co-worker Sandi C. Jonas and how she became his hero or is that heroine? C. Jonas, as he called her, lived with this so-called "pseudo man" who kept leaving her, but always came back.

C. Jonas had been told by her dad that "we do not believe in divorce in our family." C. Jonas had informed her dad she had tried to make this marriage work for three years.

C. Jonas struggled raising her two daughters. She received little or no support from an absent parent. That translated to using food stamps, Medicaid and WIC, which supplemented life to survive because her pseudo man was not a provider, just a freeloader.

She took action to make changes in their third year of marriage. She did not wait 10 or 20 years before admitting their marriage failed. PT said: "C. Jonas felt guilty and responsible but filed and got a divorce."

PT almost shouted his next words: "It was not her fault! C. Jonas tried to make it work. Instead, out of that failed marriage came her success."

I listened intently. He continued: "College appealed to her and she decided to study nursing. Everyone told her that 'it is a waste of time,' but she believed in herself."

C. Jonas's dad helped her buy a noisy old car. Next, she signed up for LVN certification classes in Laredo. She heard that the odds were against her.

C. Jonas had strong faith and continued life's struggles without her pseudo man. Her goal was to improve her status in this tough life as a single parent. Family members helped, but she had to work very conscientiously to earn her associate degree.

C. Jonas threatened her daughters with immediate shipping out to Boot Camp where they would live for a year if they did something awful to mess up their adolescent lives. She would say: "I have the Boot Camp paperwork prepared. It is always ready."

Some fear may be a good thing. T. Jonas recalls it kept her daughters on the right path. Her daughters have told her as adults how much they appreciate her.

Seventeen years later, Sandi C. Jonas finally met her faithful soul-mate, a divorced railroad worker. His first marriage failed. Now he also found his true love, Sandi. They found happiness as a loving couple and help their grown children become independent. Mr. C. Puedez, Sandi's soul-mate, also has a daughter from his first marriage.

Sandi, a LVN, plans to complete Registered Nursing School. She believes she can.

You too can make life changes and have faith to find your true calling or soul-mate if your life is waiting for success.

Changes in life can lead a lame duck story to develop into a true success swan story.

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at