I can tell things are getting back to normal when I actually have time to weed.

Yes, I know the flower beds at the library desperately need some hand weeding, and I do a little of that too when I'm outside.

I've written about the reasons for weeding non-circulating, musty, out-of-date books from the shelves in previous columns.

When I began doing that many years ago, I think 15 to 18 years qualifies as many, it felt sacrilegious to get rid of books under any circumstance.

Now I find it much easier to let the books go when I know we have newer books on the subject.

The 600s, one of the largest non-fiction sections, is the section I started with and have only managed to get into the cookbooks (640s).

The part that is most subject to being out of date within 3 to 5 years is the health/medical portion in the 610s. The withdrawn books are put on our sale shelves near the circulation.

If you choose to buy any withdrawn book, please realize that it could have newer information in more recent editions or newer books by other authors.

If you haven't been in during April, you have just a few days left to view the fantastic exhibition of the 2007 Wildlife in Focus Contest Winners.

There is a large display as you come into the library and another in the Children's Library.

Adults and children alike have really enjoyed looking at the photographs of birds, animals, reptiles and various other creatures of nature. When a library user comes in and then brings in his or her spouse a couple days later, you know it's good.

Only thing about having such a great exhibit is figuring out how I'm going to top it with something else in the near future. We are grateful to the Coastal Bend Wildlife Photo Contest for providing the free exhibit.

It will be taken down May 5. They also allow us to rotate 20 photos that we have on top of shelves around the library. We'll swap out the current ones at the end of May.

We are getting ready, truthfully Miss Jean is getting ready, for a bang-up summer reading program this year. She has almost doubled the number of programs/activities. The Texas Summer Reading Program: Jubilee 1958-2008 is open to any topic the library chooses. It's no surprise that nature is our theme this year.

Miss Jean has a list of items that she needs for crafts, please check when you're in the library to see if anything on the list could be something that you have at home. This is a great way to recycle a lot of throwaway things that the kiddos can have fun with during craft time.

Lynda Whitton is the head librarian for the Northwest Branch Library in Corpus Christi. Readers may contact her at 241-9329.