The November meeting of the Robstown Masonic Lodge was on Nov. 15, four days after Veterans Day, and several members of our lodge, including myself, are military veterans.

All of us appreciate the sacrifice that all veterans have made for us and our great country. While we all, veterans or not, try to meet our duty to our God, our neighbor, our families and our country in many different ways, this is a day and time for a very special remembrance of those who risked and gave their utmost measure through military service.

To this end, the members of Robstown Masonic Lodge No. 1062 humbly took a few moments, after the Pledge of Allegiance, to meditate on those veterans who are not with us anymore. So, in honor of our veterans () the brethren of Robstown Masonic Lodge No. 1062 thank and extend our most sincere and brotherly appreciation to those who have served this great country of ours.

Kenneth Mikeman Jr.