In Corpus Christi, it seems like every time we need a City Manager, Chief of Police or school superintendent, we have to look to other states, when all we have to do is just look around in this beautiful city of over 300,000 and look at what is available.

Not only would we save money, we would take a large burden off the over-drained tax payer.

I believe it's time for a change. November is a good time to start getting rid of the dead weight that we have been carrying on the shoulders of the taxpayers - for how many years? You count them.

I believe the taxpayer needs to set up a watchdog committee to do a six-month check on every city operation year-round. And if we are losing money, changes need to made - not 10 years later, but now.

After all , we are talking about taxpayers' money. Just a few places we need to check: our streets, roads, drainage ditches, city labor and over-hiring. "Road work ahead" means many standing around just to draw pay.

I believe every city department should be checked and put on a budget we can live with. I believe our county and city police need to get more aggressive by working together.

Their present system is not working. It seems like we get more drug dealers on Leopard and Morgan Streets every day and our law enforcement only says that they have plans.