Time for voters to wake up

I was told that Robstown Mayor Rodrigo Ramon Jr. and some city council members are back from a vacation in China, and that Paula Wakefield, Roy Gutierrez, city attorney Armando Gonzalez and, to my disbelief, (U.S. Rep.) Solomon Ortiz, also went.

All of it was paid from City of Robstown funds. This is public information and City Secretary Paula Wakefield doesn't want to comment on this.

I had a conversation with a local businessman about the Centennial Park on 500 E. Main Ave. The work was very unprofessional.

Bricks are sinking in and soon it will be unsafe to walk on. Due to this park, it has caused drainage problems.

I also notice that there are no restrooms. Isn't Robstown violating a city ordinance?

Solomon Ortiz brought Robstown the Army Reserve Strategic Deployment Building on U.S. Highway 77. In what way will this be beneficial to Robstown?

Wake up people. We, as U.S. citizens, are voters. We are not Republicans or Democrats.

If we change the way we vote, we can change Robstown to a better community that we can be proud of.

Noe De Los Santos