Spend more for RISD students

The 2006-07 audit report shows that the Robstown Independent School District overspent and, as a result, reduced its fund balance by $1,867,275. At a Feb. 5 school board meeting, it was verified that almost all this deficit was spent on buildings and equipment.

Very little, if any, was spent for instructional programs for the students.

The audit report states: "If these estimates are realized, the district's budgetary general fund balance is expected to decrease $3.3 million at the end of 2008." Again, very little, if any, will be spent for the students' education. These funds are, again, scheduled for building and equipment.

This is in excess of $5 million in two years. Never in the school district's history has this much money from the general fund balance ever been used.

This $5 million was accumulated by depriving the children of a quality education. Now, this money is being used for more buildings and equipment.

A management letter in the audit report also states: "It appears that some purchases made from student activity account may have been for instructional purposes."

This means that the students' fund-raising money was used to purchase instructional supplies, while the district is spending millions of dollars for buildings and equipment from local tax dollars and state revenues.

The administration and the four board members that compose the board majority are to blame for this injustice.

At a Feb. 5 workshop, the school board discussed laying off employees to fix this problem. Just wait and see what they do after the May elections.

Noe De Los Santos


Voters fooled by school district

I read a story in the Nueces County Record Star written by Tim Olmeda about the Calallen lawsuit. It shows how he has not kept up with the past.

Mr. Olmeda would know why the voters were skeptical if he knew how they were confused and/or deceived in the past. Karen Ford was acting responsibly by filing a lawsuit. Calallen voters need to wake up.

The school board had the bond notice put in the Record Star incorrectly and I believe it was left out of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times on purpose on Election Day because if the voters don't see it, they will not vote against it.

Some even said not seeing it in the morning paper, they figured school (officials) had changed their minds.

On May 7, 2005, without notice, the school changed the voting places on Election Day at Magee Elementary School and at the Hilltop Community Center, where it always was.

I believe Precinct 110 was left out of the paper on purpose because last time (elderly exemption), there was 302 for and 109 against in precinct 110.

It was the other way around because the voters knew what they were voting for. This time, the majority did not know what to go vote for without proper notice. The voters that did vote went to vote and just happened to see the Calallen bond notice.

Ann Shaw

Corpus Christi