New Leadership needed in Robstown

The people need to know (Robstown) Mayor Rodrigo Ramon Jr., (U.S. Rep.) Solomon Ortiz and (State Rep.) Abel Herrero are linked together.

This is why our city is in a financial collapse.

They keep using our city's taxes for trips to China and for their own needs.

They're spending thousands of dollars and bring nothing to Robstown but betrayal to our city and country.

Ortiz and the gang from Robstown are spending more money than any other politicians in the United States.

I saw Robstown grow and am now seeing my town go broke. When former mayor (B.D.) Berryman was in office, he kept our town alive and, since then, others have ruined and destroyed our town forever, unless we do something about it on election day.

We need to elect a new mayor and city council. Don't sell your vote, people, for a taco.

Vote for the person that you believe is going to work for you.

Vote for the person who is willing to do something for our city, not spending your tax dollars on unnecessary trips.

Joe Avalos


Spend money on the city, not trips

I was reading the "Letter to the Editor" from the week of Jan. 28, written by Noe De Los Santos, about our city tax funds being misused for unnecessary trips to China. The mayor, council members and others spent thousands of dollars of our tax funds.

Every year the mayor and council members vote to increase everyone's property taxes and utility bills. This is to better our town, not for them to take trips with city funds.

If you go around our city, look at how unprofessional work is being done on the residential streets because they claim to not have enough funds. They claim not to have money for street drainage and other city projects. Property owners are wondering why there are not enough funds when their taxes are still being collected.

City voters, in May 2011, change the way we voted for these persons who like spending our property taxes on a pleasure trip, taxes they collect every year from each homeowner. Now is the time to stand up for your rights and put a stop to their ways.

Enough is enough. Let's stand strong together, because I know we can better our community and be proud of it.

Ruben Vaiz