Good-bye, old friend

When I first moved to Robstown in 1971, one of the first people I met was Simon Lerma.

When I bought in to the Ford Dealership, I never will forget how he introduced himself and rolled those "R's" in "Lerma."

I found out early on that he was a very dedicated, loyal and dependable employee. For 31 years we worked together. During that time his knowledge of the automobile sales business was eloquent.

We traveled together many times, going to the new car showings in Houston every year. On his 35th anniversary with the Ford dealership, Judy and I took him and Minnie to Acapulco for the celebration. A good time was had by all.

It's impossible to overstate his importance to Bob Lacy Ford for those many years. We and many of his friends will miss him.

Good-bye, Simon.

Bob Lacy Sr.

Corpus Christi