'Thank you' for kindness

On behalf of my parents, I want to thank the many people that have called, offered or assisted them in their time of crisis, due to a fire that destroyed their home and car.

Thanks to the firemen/women and volunteers from the Robstown Fire and Annaville Fire Departments, City of Robstown, National Guard; and thank you, Martha Westfall and everyone at Robstown High School, for your support.

There are never enough words to express our gratitude in a time of need. Once again, thanks.

Pat Molano


Veterans are 'good soldiers'

Dear veterans, thank you for fighting in the war. I very truly admire you. Thank you because now our country is safe. Now we have peace.

Whenever I put my hand over my heart for the Pledge of Allegiance, I'll be thinking of you and the freedom that you have given our country.

I'm glad that you helped us. I bet you were a good soldier. Your No. 1 fan.

Jennah Treat

Third grade

East Primary School

Veterans say 'Thank You'

This letter is to the third grade students in (Cheryl Moechring's third-grade) class at Calallen East Elementary School.

On behalf of the Members of VFW Post 3837, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how proud and happy we were to receive your students' beautiful letters of love and support and concern for us veterans this past Veterans Day.

The thoughtfulness exhibited by your fine young people and the excellent guidance from yourself and their parents in teaching and exhibiting this example of great citizenship values needs to be made known to all proud Americans everywhere.

Too often in today's world, these fine traits of good citizenship are not given the proper credit that they deserve. Please make sure that these fine young students and teachers know how much we truly appreciate their remembrance of Veteran's Day and those of us who have served our country and live in this community.

Lawrence Bell

Post Commander