Property shows gas-like traits

The cell phone company, T-Mobil, made a deal with the owner of 105 W. Ave. A to build a large antenna on that property.

The deal was the cell phone company would pay $600 a month for 30 years. I was told that when the city officials found out about the money, they decided it was not a proper place to build the antenna.

So they went across the street on 100 W. Ave. A instead. All of this happened after the owner of 105 W. Ave. A had received the first check for $600 and cashed it. Nueces County public information shows that 100 W. Ave. A is registered as a homestead, but it is a business. It also shows zero taxes are being paid on inside contents. Why not?

I spoke to the person who used to own this property. He said he sold it in 1970 for $30,000. This property value, from 1999 to 2003, was $22,572. In 2004, it was $20,520 and $26,546 in 2007. I have never seen my property tax value go down, always up like gasoline.

Noe De Los Santos


Beach Dawgs experience not so fun

It was a sad sight to see less than 200 fans during the weekend games of the Beach Dawgs. The general admission and parking fees are very reasonable. The small number of fans gives you carte blanche in seating. Why do I need to ask for a roster of the team at the gate? Help the fans know the players, put their names on their uniforms.

The children are happily involved in activities between innings, the staff is friendly and the games were enjoyable. I understand the county is responsible for cleaning the building. Why aren't the women's stalls wiped clean of spiders and spider webs? The restrooms and concourse are kept clean. The same can't be said for the stairs. Grass and debris were left undisturbed in the corners. Not the most welcoming impression to visitors.

Saturday evening all the seats were covered with red dirt. I was told the seats were cleaned in the afternoon but after a shower the dirt blew in again. I had to ask for a damp cloth and wipe our seats. Sunday night they had been cleaned to some degree. The turf has also drastically deteriorated from last year. Is it being watered? Needless to say I'm not enthused about attending future games.

Lynda Whitton

Corpus Christi