Editors note: The following is a piece that ran in the print edition of the Nueces County Record Star. It is an update regarding the Record Star's digital media projects.

For those of you who normally read my columns, Iím sure youíre probably doing a double-take as to why I am not on the sports page this week. Truth be told, once in a blue moon we at the news desk of The Nueces County Record Star use our opinion page to update our readers about anything that is changing with our publication. This time around, your trusty Sports Guy will be filling that role.

The publication you hold in your hand today is very special. As we have often said in these pages, what makes our newspaper special is that it is your newspaper. All of us at the Record Star make our best effort to highlight the happenings of your community and bring you news and information that is important to you. We donít try to be anything more or anything less. We also make it a point for you as a reader to know that there is nothing too small for us to put in our pages. One of the most fulfilling things about what we do is bragging about our citizensí accomplishments.

One challenge weíve faced, however, is the evolution of journalism. While community newspapers such as ourself are still present and viable, the age of technology has forced all realms of journalism to adapt. In todayís society, the Internet and social media are being used by all media outlets.

One of the main objectives for my arrival at the Record Star was to increase our digital presence, as well as our sports coverage. I want to take this opportunity to let all of our readers know that we have made steps to make sure that we are available to you in the digital world.

First of all, Iíd like to remind you that RecordStar.com is alive and well. A few of you I have worked with in the past may have heard me say on occasion that we will be getting a new Web site. This is something that we are still hoping for, but for the time being will be delayed for a little while longer. However, that hasnít stopped our news team for working hard to make sure that our current Web site is always fresh with new stories. We like to make sure that as soon as something newsworthy happens, you are the first to know the highlights of such an event.

To compliment our Web site, we have added a Facebook page for your convenience. You can find this page at www.facebook.com/Recordstar.

We use this page to release links of breaking news items, publish photo albums of events we have attended, and release information of upcoming events in your community.

We have also ventured into Twitter. For you sport fans out there, you can find our sports feed on Twitter, using the handle @NCRStarSports. So far, we have used this to update everyone on our area high schools football games. Throughout the thread, you may occasionally find an action photo of your favorite team as the game is in process. In the future, we plan to add accounts to update you on our local politics and education.

Finally, one of our newest additions to our digital presence is the launch of our YouTube channel. You can subscribe to see videos from our local community at www.youtube.com/NCRecordStar.

So far we have produced a handful of videos from our local high schools. We hope to expand on this with more footage from sports games to school board and city council meetings.

As you can see, thereís a lot of new and exciting things happening at the Record Star. While there are many digital tools for you to utilize, we also want to assure you that the newspaper you hold in your hands will continue to come to you in your mailbox or area stores. The great thing about everything we are doing is that each of our avenues of information is always available to give you something new and different.

We hope to see our readers take this as an opportunity to participate in all of our new projects. It is always been our goal to give the best effort we can, so that you may receive the coverage and news you deserve.

Matt Cardenas is a sports reporter for the?Nueces County Record Star. Readers may contact him via e-mail at matt.cardenas@recordstar.com