Part of me believes we get married just to have someone to tell us to do things we normally would not do on our own.

For example, I hate to set up Christmas decorations. I know it is part of the whole holiday experience, the lights, the gifts, the Christmas dinner, ectera, but the process of pulling out the ladder, placing the light holders and setting up the lights, not to mention the knots…it drives me crazy.

That's not to say that I do not participate every year in the decorating experience. I do. I pull out the fake tree from the garage each year, and help my wife Leti set it up. The process involves me holding up the tree as she finds all the plug connections.

Then I usually move into a more supervisory role, overseeing the dispensing of the red and gold shiny balls, and the assortment of decorations. Leti and Mariela usually do the decorating at this point, while I occasionally nod how pretty it all looks, in between commercials.

My daughter, who is the light manager, is in charge of turning the lights on and off each night by remote control.

So as you can see, the inside is a pretty smooth operation. Outside though, not so much. Why do we need outside lights along the roof. I'll admit, they are pretty. But basically, we do this every year, and every year some two weeks later, we bring them down again, only to save them for next year.

I don't get it. It is a wasted effort. I liken it to another wasted effort, mowing the lawn.

Why do we have grass in our front yards?

There is no need for it. They say a nicely mowed lawn adds value to your home, but if you have no intention of ever selling your home, or if you don't even own the home you are living in, why mow?

Grass itself is a waste. No one I know grazes their cows or goats in their front yard that would necessitate the need for half an acre of grass. We as humans can't really eat it, so why grow it?

As you've probably guessed, I had to help put up Christmas decorations this weekend, and work on the lawn. Leti tends to love to remind me about things I've done wrong, and the lawn is no different. Which is why lately I've tended to avoid it. She has a sharp interest in weedeating, and with a new electric weed whacker, she tackled the edging with a fervor rarely seen in lawn care maintenance.

I was put in charge of sweeping duty. I swept the sidewalk, the driveway, the porch and the street. Nearly 45 minutes of sweeping effort all together, and the palm calluses to prove it. After our lawn session, we added inflatable characters to the front lawn, and a pole demarcating which way is the South Pole and North Pole. When I say we, I mean she, because I tried my best to sit this one out.

Our yard is now populated with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Mickey Mouse and Dora the Explorer. They are cute and noisy and eating away at our electric bill, and my daughter loves them.

In this case, I'm glad my wife is a better sport than I am when it comes to decorating for the holidays.