The Office of the President of the United States is considered one of the most respected positions on Earth.

On June 30, Time Magazine Editor-at-Large and MSNBC political analyst Mark Halperin spoke on statements made by President Barrack Obama the previous day during a White House press conference. Obama spoke on the need to consider repealing Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy, who he referred to as the “corporate jet” set.

In his response to Obamas comments, Halperin said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program that Obama was acting like “kind of a (expletive).” The four-letter word referred to a man’s private parts. Thinking that the statement would be cut out during the program’s seven-second delay, Halperin was then informed that a new producer on the show was unfamiliar with the delay button, and that the comment went out live over the air.

Halperin immediately apologized for the comment. He was later indefinitely suspended from appearing on MSNBC.

Referring to the President of the United States in a profane manner shows an extreme level of disrespect. Acknowledging right away that what Halperin said was wrong, it begs the question — what would drive a man to say such a thing based on comments during a news conference?

At the heart of the matter is the division between those who believe government has a role to play in our economic recovery, and those who believe only businesses can effect lasting change. On the plus side, Obama did speak about the need to get rid of outdated regulations in order to allow businesses to grow as fast as they can.

At the same time, he played to the fear of the American people, with political rhetoric concerning debt reduction. He said if the revenues are not there, then kids will not get scholarships to college and cuts might compromise the National Weather Service and food inspections.

So, in essence if we do not allow the debt limit to go up, then the cuts that take place will leave our children less educated, in danger of food borne illnesses and susceptible to unannounced hurricanes and tornadoes.

Obama also directly asked for a repeal of tax breaks for those in the “corporate jet“ set, which the administration has admitted beforehand are those individuals making $250,000 and above.

Aside from the fact that most people who make $250,000 could not afford a corporate jet, Obama believes that those who make more should give back more to society around them. A noble thought if the act came voluntarily from the individual making more money. But in this situation, it is government attempting to take away hard earned money through act of law, which could curtail economic growth.

The tax increase would affect the small business owners and the CEO’s alike. If we ride this “corporate jet” analogy to its logical conclusion, that segment of society who actually do use corporate jets are at the same time supporting the infrastructure necessary to fly those jets, such as the mechanics, the fuel producers and jet manufacturers, along with the pilots and runway staff.

Locally, Del Mar College recently teamed up with the City of Corpus Christi to secure space to allow for additional students in their aircraft maintenance program. Each of those positions will earn those students jobs with salaries upwards of $50,000 upon graduation. And the business that is conducted between these corporate jet flights continues to keep industries, like oil and gas, going.

Yes, oil and gas. The same businesses Democrats enjoy condemning for hand-over-fist profits are the same businesses responsible for spending millions of dollars on research and development for products which improve our quality of life, provide scholarships for the doctors, engineers and scientists of the future and generously provide monetary sustenance to a long list of non-profit organizations.

All of this is evident in the Coastal Bend area, where dozens of companies in the oil and gas industry, and the wider network of smaller oil and gas companies, support businesses and provide funds to the local community through direct giving and through the spending practices of their tens of thousands of employees.

But Obama does not seem interested in letting you know what industry does for you — he is more interested in letting you know what the government can do with industry’s money. Does that mean Halperin was right in saying Obama acted like kind of a (expletive)? Well, no. Even if you don’t respect the man, you should at least respect the office. Disagreeing with the man’s policies, though, now that’s just fine.

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr. is a reporter with?The Nueces?County Record Star. Readers may contact him via e-mail at