Bus stop great project

We just want to extent our appreciation to everyone that made the Tots & Teens bus stop in Robstown possible.

Many thanks to the Regional Transportation Authority, city of Robstown, Robstown Utility System, Robstown Independent School District, and all the children involved in this wonderful project.

Your support and hard work helps our city become a safer and healthier community. Congratulations.

Velma Borchard


Federal budget could have local impact

President Bush's recently released federal budget plan is important to look at carefully with respect to how this proposal would impact Texas locally, and how, for example, Corpus Christi-area seniors would be impacted.

From our perspective, the bottom line by any objective measure is that our most vulnerable frail, elderly and disabled citizens, and the facilities that serve them, would be devastated by the five-year, $22 billion Medicare cuts proposed in the president's budget.

But in further dissecting the proposed Medicare cuts, it is crucial for both our federal and state policymakers, as well as the general public, to understand the increasingly interrelated nature between Medicare and Medicaid funding.

Federal Medicare cuts, like those now on the table, have an extremely negative impact out on the front lines of care, where facilities depend upon Medicare to compensate for the fact that, here in Texas, the daily Medicaid reimbursement rate is just $106.59, versus the average national daily rate of $153.83.

Texas ranks 49th in the entire nation. It is fortunate a number of Texas' federal lawmakers are voicing concern in Washington.

The good news, of course, is that Texans are living longer and healthier lives. Yet, an increasingly older population will eventually require more extensive care, and the resource-base to provide it.

We encourage every federal and state office-seeker to make eldercare financing issues a broader part of the public discussion throughout the course of this important 2008 election season.

James Hardee

Vice president of operations

South Region TRISUN


This is "Why Robstown"

I read an article on the front page of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times newspaper (Friday Feb. 15, 2008): "Why Robstown?"

This was in reference to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign rally in Robstown.

I am glad to answer that question. We offer more than Corpus Christi pundits are willing to acknowledge in Robstown. I speak of great citizens, leadership and facilities.

Robstown's facilities were selected over the American Bank Center to host an event with national attention and significance. This could be the first woman U.S. president that selected Robstown over other options to hold an important rally. Yes, Robstown has better parking and access to highways 77 and 44 leading to I-37. We're close to an international airport and the traffic flow does not get easily congested.

All those who looked at Clinton's rally also looked at Robstown. It was a brilliant moment to showcase the fairground's facilities in Robstown available in our competitive Coastal Bend area.

Let's face it, we're winners in Robstown, too. We have Congressman Solomon Ortiz and other strong leaders that have helped develop and promote our beautiful segment of Texas and the many facilities that Robstown has to offer.

And we are growing, getting better and are able to compete, thank you very much.

Joe-Santos Medina


Debate an informative event

Thanks to everyone who showed at Molano's Restaurant for a wonderful and positive debate for the Precinct 5 Constable position.

There were over 50 people in attendance and it was extremely informative, even though only four of the five candidates were there.

All the candidates present should be commended for showing a positive and excellent presentation of themselves.

Ray Sanchez