Thank you

(On May 4), 30 Calallen High School students made a trip out to Horn Heaven Wildlife Ranch, 8 miles west of Orange Grove.

Richard and Deborah Nemmer were more than happy to show them various techniques and facilities their ranch offers in the fields of game management, game breeding by artificial insemination, and genetic research. Their ranch was established in 2006 and contains around 1,000 acres where they have established 48 two-acre pens for their wildlife.

The Calallen students learned new and interesting facts about different types of insemination and nutritional nourishments, along with seeing the process of alternative insemination methods and their supply of genetics.

Horn Heaven promotes education in a fun atmosphere. Its research is greatly helping the wildlife game population in Texas.

Thank you Horn Heaven for educating the students of Calallen High School, that wildlife game management does not happen over night, but is a long process that you all have contributed to in your years of service.

Kaitlin Byerly and Kristen Crauthers