Editor's Note: The following letter was submitted to The Nueces County Record Star in response to an opinion column that ran in the June 30 issue. The column, titled “Fairgrounds ready for the big time? Well, that depends…,” offered criticism about the lack of organization of the June 24 “Rumble at the Fairgrounds” boxing event.

Fairgrounds criticism disappointing

I am very disappointed at the local paper, which gets a very high percentage of sales from Robstown, could (print) something so negative about the (Richard M. Borchard Regional) Fairgrounds and the City of Robstown.

This was an organized event that was put on by a very respected promotion company in the boxing world that trusted a small town and venue, along with the families of the boxers, to (help) put (the event) together. There has been nothing but positive feedback from the fans, families, workers and he City of Robstown since the fight.

The local boxers’ families helped put this show together. It wasn’t the people or staff of Las Vegas, but a small city that proved to everyone we could do this. We spent many nights busy, from (sunrise) to sundown, for months getting ready for this show. What makes our local newspaper guy an expert in boxing events to criticize our show just because he didn’t (receive) his credentials on time or (wasn't provided) a seat?

It’s because of people like you that find the negative in everything Robstown does that keeps people away from Robstown. But let me tell you one thing — we are a close knit town, and as you can see by the people that showed up at the (fight), this type of event will happen again and will be bigger and better than the last.

Belinda Gutierrez