It is no secret that disagreements tend to become public during meetings of the Robstown Independent School District's Board of Trustees. But recent events have taken a troubling turn for the organization tasked with deciding what is best for the children of this area.

Trustees Robert Tapia and Pablo Avila have filed assault charges against former board member Victor Orona, alleging a verbal altercation outside of a Jan. 26 meeting turned slightly physical. Orona, who was defeated by Avila in 2008, has denied he assaulted anyone and has countered he only approached Avila because he felt Avila was harassing his wife, trustee Eva Orona.

Orona has gone on the record to claim she felt harassed and has been made to feel uncomfortable by Avila's remarks, which she said have been made more than once. Avila has since denied the claims made by Eva Orona.

The problem with this is it is not the first time police have been called in to help resolve an issue with the RISD Board of Trustees. In 2008, a report was filed by then-superintendent Roberto Garcia against board member Adolfo Lopez, claiming a threat of violence was made against Garcia by the trustee during a particularly heated discussion. That case is still pending in the Robstown Municipal Court.

And here we are, two years later, and this batch of trustees has decided that rather than deal with their issues in a professional manner, they will draw lines in the sand and point fingers at one another.

Meanwhile, the students of the RISD sit on the sidelines, forgotten by the leaders their parents helped to elect.