'Record Star' unfair

Your newspaper is an example of unfairness in the media by reporting one side of the story, (as in the April 24 article "RISD school board terminates teacher who left post") by Jeff Tucker.

The Life Skills Unit was not built in Phase I of the new Seale Junior High School. Last year, I was told it would be built. Then, when we moved out of the old portable, I was told to find a room in the old building.

I have voiced my concerns about a proper room and long-term substitutes assigned as assistants.

There was a new, lavish athletic department built before the needs of the most needy. The students in Special Education should have their priorities met first because of their special needs.

I was told to leave, then told to do a different job and then told to resign.

For the record, be fair.

Theresa Gilbert

Corpus Christi

'Chief' a man of honor

The death of a friend is always tragic. I remember the first funeral I went to was for a friend of mine that was 8 years old.

Our community recently lost a great friend that was not only a gentleman, but a soldier. He was a leader of men and a follower of our creator. His name was Pete Alvarez, the former Corpus Christi chief of police, who served and protected with honor.

How sad it is to see a great man leave us. But while he was with us, it was always a pleasure to be with a man that everybody called Pete.

Thank you, chief.

Luis A. Guerrero