So, Gov. Rick Perry wants to send troops to Mexico to help with drug war against Mexican gangs.

The Republican presidential candidate made this comment to a group of potential New Hampshire voters last weekend. I do not know what they put in the water in New Hampshire, but whatever it is, they should bottle it, tax the heck out of it, then later pass legislation to outlaw it as a dangerous substance.

We are not in a position to protect our own border or deal with the issue of drugs properly in our own country. We are now spread thin in multiple international conflicts and we are broke.

Yet Perry, with the wisdom of Yosemite Sam, is gung-ho about putting our troops on the ground in Mexico.

Yes, we extended our hand to Columbian law enforcement to help with their drug cartels, but that is a different animal altogether. It is one thing to aid against organized Columbian drug cartels, which are essentially “mobsteresque” organizations that speak Spanish and have a proclivity to communist era political ideologies.

Mexico is an old-school, all-out drug gang fantasy land, where civilian men and women are beheaded to prove a point, children are kidnapped, raped and killed in drug transactions and laws are treated as an arbitrary notion to those with the most bullets and greatest lack of humanity.

Despite the brutality seen in Iraq and Afghanistan when it comes to dealing with Islamic extremists, at least they fear God.

A Zeta drug cartel member in central Mexico fears nothing and no one. His motivation is based purely on money and power, with no thought at all of the men, women and children who are caught in the crossfire.

ABC News reported on Sept. 21 that 35 bodies were found dumped on a busy street in the state of Veracruz. A drug cartel known as the New Generation took out 35 people allegedly conected to the Zetas, including 12 women and two minors, according to the report, in a campaign against their rivals, the Zetas.

The bound, semi-nude and tortured bodies were unloaded at rush hour.

Really, let that sink in for a moment…the New Generation members actually stopped a truck, opened the back, carried out and dropped on the street 35 bodies, got back in the truck and took off, all in front of rush hour traffic.

What makes the situation all the more ludicrous is that this mass killing was used to send a message to the Zetas to stop killing. New Generation is seen almost like vigilante heroes.

“The killing of 35 people is deplorable, but it’s even more deplorable the same victims chose to extort, kidnap and kill,” Veracruz Gov. Javier Duarte wrote via Twitter.

According to the report, a banner left at the scene criticized the Zetas for killing innocents and extortion. It goes on to state that the N.G. and their suspected leader, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, is trying to control the area and punish the Zetas for attacking civilians, “something that is shunned by most drug traffickers and that has ramped up government heat on all cartels.”

Oh, so that’s what ramped up the heat. I see.

It wasn’t the years of internal corruption from drug sale profits that ramped up the heat on them. It wasn’t the stuffing of drugs in women’s and children’s stomachs to use as drug mules over the years that put the heat on them, or the gangland style shooting sprees that spread into neighborhoods and by schools over the years that ramped it up, or the beheadings and mass graves that have occurred for years that ramped up government heat. All of these things took place well before the Zetas were formed.

Believe me Mexico, there is more than enough blame to go around.

The answer though to this quagmire is not to add U.S. troops. If we do, then we are doomed to repeat what has already taken place in the Middle East. Whatever enemies we had in the Middle East we took out a long time ago. But somewhere back there, in those years where the strategy changed from fighting our enemy to nation building, we created a new enemy. The individuals who hate our country because we are there, and they are the ones we are now fighting and will continue to fight for a long time to come. The same could happen in Mexico.

Mexico is bad, but it’s not because of the Zetas, or the New Generation, or the other drug cartels. Mexico is bad because it is the way it wants to be. When it is led by a government that sees one gang’s butchering tactics as better than another’s, that government isn’t worth helping or saving. When your heroes are drug cartel members who would “save you” from other drug cartel members, it is not a society or government structure worth saving.

Perry would put the U.S. in that quagmire, in league with a government that doesn’t care about its people, and that thrives on poisons that slowly kill it from within.

The best thing our country can do to help Mexico is shut the border. Stop the drugs coming in and our money going out. Like a cockroach without its head, the cockroach will still walk around alive, but eventually, without a way to eat, it will starve to death. Killing the drug trade from our end would help cut the head off the beast.