ROBSTOWN - On Saturday, Miss Cottenfest along with Junior and Little Miss were crowned at the annual pageant, which kicked off the festivities for this weekend's events.

The participants competed in western wear, evening gown and showcased a variety of talent. The winners are as follows:

Little Miss Cottonfest:

Winner: Miss. Ava Hofstetter

1st Runner Up: Miss. Alexandra Martinez 

2nd Runner Up: Miss. Danica Good

Jr. Miss Cottonfest:

Winner: Miss. Elizabeth Martinez

1st Runner Up: Miss. Klarisa Gonzales

2nd Runner Up: Miss. Abby Pena 

Miss Cottonfest:

Winner: Miss. Nora Brizuela

1st Runner Up: Miss. Yilanna Yanez

2nd Runner Up: Miss. Alexandra Gonzalez

Most Photogenic:

Little Miss: Miss. Ava Hofstetter

Jr Miss: Miss. Abby Pena 

Miss Cottonfest: Miss. Macie Scarborough