Recently Alice police personnel traveled to a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) secure and undisclosed location to destroy approximately 1,700 pounds of marijuana they had locked away in their evidence locker.

The marijuana was taken to the secure location by armed law enforcement officials. At the secure location the group of Alice PD personnel observed several agencies from the Coastal Bend discarding seized marijuana into an incinerator. Others at the location included DPS personnel and an environmentalist, according to officials.

In 2015, agencies across the State of Texas confiscated 39,873 pounds and 14 ounces, as well as 26,560 plants, according to the DPS 2015 Crime in Texas statistics.

Texas law enforcement officers seized 243 marijuana gardens, 1,033 wild marijuana fields, 5,311 cultivated marijuana fields and 75 marijuana greenhouses; a total number of all marijuana plants seized in 2015 was 26,560, according to DPS.

According to Alice police officials, due to the different courts, cases and attorneys the marijuana seizures large and small are stored for safekeeping for years until they are no longer needed as evidence. The narcotic was seized during traffic stops and abandoned vehicles.

“Sometimes they want the marijuana as we collected in court, sometimes they just want a photo of the marijuana,” police officials stated.

In 2015 Texas made a total of 134,386 arrests. Of the people arrested for the drug abuse violations in 2015, 4.2 percent were juveniles (16 and under), 78.1 percent were men, 74.9 were White, 24.1 percent were Black, 64 percent were not Hispanic and 36 percent were Hispanic, according to DPS stats.

Every law enforcement agency in the State of Texas must report arrests and seizures made annually. According to DPS officials, the agencies keep a log of the narcotics seized and narcotics destroyed.

According to 2016 DPS County Offense Citation stats, there were approximately 200 arrests between Duval, Jim Wells and Nueces County.