Two men were arrested Tuesday, May 23 in connection with numerous burglaries of habitations, buildings and vehicles that have plagued the residents of Alice.

According to Investigator Isaac Salinas with the Alice Police Department, police received a tip that a man was on the residential property on the 800 block of North Adams with stolen property.

When David Cruz observed a marked patrol unit in the area he ran. Cruz lead officers on a foot pursuit that ended on the 600 block of Fifth Street, in front of a private school.

As officers made contact with Cruz they observed a man, later identified as Joshua Rodriguez in a gray Nissan Sentra who was Cruz's get away driver. Law enforcement officers caught up to Rodriguez and immediately detained him.

According to Lt. Michael Jaramillo with Alice Police Department, Cruz and Rodriguez are dangerous criminals responsible for the rash of burglaries on the north side of town.

Officers located stolen property taken from a company truck with the suspects and were able to confirm the property with the victim, according to police. As the men were being processed at the police department investigators were connecting them to other burglaries in the area.

"Every investigator has a burglary that is connected to these suspects," Jaramillo said.

Cruz was under conditional supervision for other criminal cases and is a known gang member with Los Hermanos Pistoleros Latinos.

According to Jaramillo, Cruz cut his ankle monitor off and continued to target vulnerable residents.

“David Cruz mocks the justice system. The same system that placed him under conditional supervision. We don't find this funny and that's why he's in custody today...” Jaramillo stated. “Cruz is a five-star burglar meaning he doesn't care if you're inside your home at the time of a burglary. These guys burglarize homes and business day or night. They're dangerous criminals.”

According to Jaramillo, law enforcement officers were able to break these cases due to neighbors talking and helping neighbors.

“The recent rash of burglaries were solved because neighbors with surveillance systems helped their neighbors,” he said. “Surveillance video along with anonymous tips assisted the patrol and criminal investigation division to capture the suspects.”

There are ongoing warrants in connection with burglaries that involve these two men. More arrests are pending.

“We are working diligently to recover stolen property,” Jaramillo said.

As Cruz and Rodriguez were transported to the Jim Wells County jail investigators were headed to another home were narcotics and stolen property were believed to be.

“Cruz has a cocaine habit,” Jaramillo said. “Theses guys don't play by rules. They steal a person's hard earned property to sell for narcotics. Cruz feels he's entitled to take peoples property."

The cases are under investigation.