Robstown city officials held their first State of the City on Tuesday as a way to become transparent with the public and announce future projects.

Mayor Mandy Barrera opened the forum by welcoming the 300-plus in attendance and introducing elected and appointed officials.

Barrera said Robstown has been able to make a turn around in such a short time.

"You are going to see the amazing growth," she said.

Project by project, Chief Administrator Herman Rodriguez presented a slideshow with completed projects and future ones in the making. 

"There's been a great change in Robstown," he said. "We started running things like a business."

Rodriguez reviewed street projects including East Main and Mainer Road major projects. He also mentioned eight streets on the Casa Blanca Subdivision, Northeast area near Outlets, Southeast area, 5th Street from Highway 44 to Business 77, County Road 36 and Terry Shamsie Boulevard.

"I drove down County Road 36 and was thinking I needed to get my wheels aligned," he said. 

Rodriguez and Barrera attributed their success on other government agencies, who they have partnered with including Nueces County, Texas Department of Transportation and RAM-Bro.

"It takes a team," he said.

In the Parks and Recreation department, Rodriguez listed Skate Park and the Town Square as one of their achievements. The Town Square is utilized for movie nights and other events. 

In the near future, he said the Kiwanis Park will have a half basketball court. Rodriguez said the Massy Park was donated back to the owners, which is a prime location for real estate in efforts to get some commerce in that area.

"We hope to see some commercial development there," he said. 

Other city accomplishments included municipal court back in compliance, a city marshal to create enforcement for warrants, police department with electronic ticket writers, body cameras, updated gun policy and a new police impound lot. 

The Fire Department handles fire inspections and EMS purchased a new ambulance and were in the process of hiring a new medical director.

"To be able to have a new change is a positive," Rodriguez said. 

Other changes were quality control, Administration, Human Resource policies, and information technology and grants.

Rodriguez was proud to say that the city's finance is in control and up-to-date on reports.

"I no longer get collection calls," he said. "Reports are done daily with all the checks printed and council is happy."

Some of the things the city is working towards is having long term cash flow projections for three, five and 10 years, he said.

The city also has its first website and several social media outlets.

Through grants and partnerships, the city of Robstown improved utility systems such as gas and electric lines and wastewater.

"It's been my pleasure to work with Mayor Mandy Barrera..." said John Marez, Nueces County commissioner. "Being efficient and working together."