SAN DIEGO – San Diego residents waited for three and a half hours to hear a decision from the San Diego City Council Wednesday in regards to the open criminal investigation on Police Chief Richard Nava.

Nava is accused of writing sexually explicit letters to his 17-year-old stepdaughter, yet Nava has not been charged, arrested or indicted on the case.

According to Robstown Police reports filed by the family, Nava's step-daughter, Adalin Vasquez, shot herself in 2009. Her mother, Cidalin Rojas, found sexually explicit letters in the girl’s bedroom. Nava was a former police officer in Robstown at the time.

Nava confessed to writing the sexually-explicit letters to his step-daughter, DA Gonzalez told the Corpus Christi Caller Times.

The citizens of San Diego voiced their concerns to San Diego Mayor Araseli “Sally” Lichtenberger and Mayor Pro-tem Araceli “Shelly” Gaitan about Nava staying on the police force. No formal written complaints have been made.

When the mayor and city council members learned about Nueces County District Attorney Mark Gonzalez's investigation, they listed Nava on the city council meeting's agenda.

“We have no action,” said San Diego Mayor Lichtenberger.

The council's decision to take no action on Nava's position means he remains as the San Diego Police Chief, City Attorney Rumaldo “Rumy” Solis said.

Solis addressed the audience about the council's decision and how, under his advice, they would wait until they had more details about the case before they made any decisions.

Nava became chief in San Diego in 2016 after approximately a year on the force.

According to Solis, Nava filed a grievance letter against the mayor and city officials said it was due to "slanderous" remarks made about Nava to local media.