Routine health care issues are a common part of life that seem to make my job a little more complicated than it already is.

A recent trip to the dentist for dental work caused me so much pain, not just to my wallet, but to my mouth - I couldn't eat or talk. While not eating wasn't going to kill me, how was I, a reporter, going to do my job when I could barely move my lips to talk?

Talking to people is an essential part of how my work gets done. Interviewing people face-to-face or over the phone was going to be a challenge. 

The dentist wanted to work on my entire mouth at once, but I was able to convince her to only work on half of my mouth in case breaking news occurred. After several hours of being at the dentist with my mouth open as work was being performed, I left.

At first it didn't seem to be a problem because I didn't have anyone to talk to, but then I realized I couldn't even sing along with the car radio. Now, I wish I could say I went home to rest and have a warm bowl of soup, but I have two kids, so no rest just soup.

I tried to hold a conversation with the family, but it was too painful, plus I was still drooling.

So I'm sitting at home on the couch next to my boyfriend and watching my son eat snack after snack, before he even had supper. My son knew I couldn't speak and he was testing the limits. I smacked my boyfriend on the shoulder so he could stop my son from getting more snacks.

But as it is men don't always listen when women talk I had to communicate with a man with hand signals. Not fun since he was not understanding what I wanted him to do.

So, regardless of my pain I had to force myself to speak so that he wouldn't get any more snacks.

After a few days of this nonsense I was, sort of, back to my normal chatterbox self. But I still had the other half of my mouth to deal with. To prepare myself for more pain, no food and no talking, I scheduled the dentist appointment for a Friday since I didn't have any scheduled weekend assignments.

Just days before I was to go back to the dentist, I was informed that she couldn't see me because she had just given birth to a baby girl and there was no telling when a dentist would be available.

Just my luck!