About 15 units assisted through three counties from Jim Hogg to Jim Wells in a 50-plus stretch chase about 3 a.m. Sunday.

Orlando Omar Gonzalez, 34, was apprehended in Jim Hogg in a domestic incident in Hebbronville, but sped off in a truck on Highway 359, Jim Hogg Deputy Juvencio Garza said.

He continued through Duval and Jim Wells, up to speeds of 103 mph where he ended up in a dead end road behind CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital in Alice. The truck he was driving in got stuck in a culvert on Medical Boulevard.

The man was tased and removed from the truck.

Gonzalez, also known as Lonnie, was yelling to officers, "You got the wrong guy, I want to go home."

He resisted arrest as officers attempted to place him in a police unit. He is facing charges of resisting arrest, reckless driving, assault of public servant and aggravated assault of public servant. After being cleared by EMS, Gonzalez was transported back to Jim Hogg County and booked into the jail.

Duval County SO, Jim Wells County SO, Alice Police Department, Department of Public Safety and game warden assisted in the chase.