Students began their first day of classes at Calallen ISD Wednesday. Children at Wood River Elementary had mixed feelings on the big day, and so did some of the parents.

“It’s one of those days you prepare for, but aren’t ever fully prepared for. You just have to hope you’ve taught them the best you can. I’ll be so excited to hear all about it when his day is done,” said Sara Ruckstuhl, Kindergarten parent.

Other parents had similar feelings, even though their students were older.

“It’s actually a little sad (to be dropping off her son) because it’s his last year at Wood River,” said Robin Broughton, mother of a first and third grade student.

Students attend either Wood River or East Elementary for grades pre-kindergarten through third, then Magee Intermediate for grades four and five.

Wood River currently has about 630 students registered, but they expect that number to grow in the coming weeks.

“We are starting early, many other districts don’t start until next week, so we are planning on more students registering once they figure out that school has started,” said the Wood River front office.

With around 4050 students district wide, Calallen ISD will have a busy year.

According to the office of Dr. Arturo Almendarez, the district expects to be at capacity in grades K-5, whereas there is always a little more space at both the middle and high schools.

Classes will be in session the rest of the week and students will have a chance to remember their summer fun with a three day weekend on Labor Day.

“It looks like we are ready for a great year. We are excited,” said Dr. Almendarez’ office.