For the second time this year, Jim Wells County interdiction officer has discovered a large amount of cash hidden inside a box of laundry detergent.

On Monday afternoon, a JWC deputy conducted a routine traffic stop on a red Chevy SUV that was traveling south on Highway 281.

The deputy made contact with the driver, 29-year-old Xavier Martinez and his passenger, 33-year-old Daniel Martinez Jr. who consented to a vehicle search after the deputy detected a strong odor of marijuana, according to sheriff officials.

During the search, the deputy found $14,000 and two ounces of marijuana in plastic bags inside a box of powder laundry detergent.

In August 2017, interdiction officers located $100,000 in two boxes of laundry detergent in a vehicle driven by a Mexican National.

The men from Mission, TX were transported to the JWC jail. They were charged with money laundering and possession of marijuana. As of Tuesday, the men had been released on bonds that totaled $12,000 each.