Alleged suspects in the 2015 double homicide and Sutherland's robbery appeared in the 79th district courtroom Tuesday.

Richard Perez and Michael Castro's cases were reset until Oct. 20. The reschedule was due to one of the attorneys who needed documents from the State. They were both charged with capital murder. Perez was also charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and Castro was charged with aggravated robbery.

Perez and Castro were arrested in connection with the murders of Marcelino Guerra and Robert Mata on October 2015. They were also arrested and charged for an aggravated robbery at Sutherland's the day after the homicides.

Perez and Castro were two out of three adults who were arrested for the crime.

Andres Garza was convicted of the two murders and aggravated robbery on Sept. 11. Andres agreed to a plea deal that gave him a total of 125 years for two murder charges and an aggravated charge.

Aaron Garza took a plea agreement on Tuesday for three years deferred adjudication probation for evading arrest with a motor vehicle as officers attempted to apprehend him in an arson charge back in 2015. A non-related charge was dismissed. 

Amador Garza Sr., the father of Aaron and Andres Garza, also appeared in court. Garza Sr. was initially arrested on two counts of tampering with evidence. Judge Bob Perkins dismissed those charges on the State's recommendation.

Castro and Aaron were transported to the Jim Wells County jail. Aaron was released Tuesday afternoon.