What was initially a routine traffic stop, turned into a late night high speed chase through the city of Robstown.

County Constable attempted to pull over a speeding car near the corner of Highway 44 and FM 3386 at around 2 a.m on Sunday. Once the driver saw the police officer, he decided to get away, exceeding 100 miles per hour.

The driver continued to head west on Highway 44 to Highway 77 access and allegedly fired gunshots at the chasing officer. The chase proceeded through Ave. J and ended in a wreck at the corner of 44 and 77. The driver then fled the seen on foot.

The following day at around 10 a.m., the owner of the vehicle, Elida Luna, showed up the County Precinct 5 in a relatives car to report her vehicle stolen. While she was in the office filing her report, officers outside the building noticed a man in the car trying to hide. The man, Juan Francisco Rodriguez, was identified as the driver from the night before.

Once this was discovered, Luna admitted to fabricating the story of the stolen vehicle.

Both Rodriguez and Luna are being held at the Nueces County jail. Rodriguez is being detained for evading arrest. Investigation is still ongoing with pending charges of reckless driving and attempted captial murder for his alleged gunshots.

It was also discovered that Rodriguez did not have paperwork as a U.S. citizen.