He's got legs

During Saturday's ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Hazel Bazemore Hawk Watch Viewing Platform, all the buzz seemed to be not about the new facility, but a pair of legs that had wandered into the crowd.

County Judge Loyd Neal showed up to the event in shorts, which is different than the suit and tie most are accustomed to seeing from Neal.

"Not a comment, not a comment," Neal said as Precinct 2 Betty Jean Longoria glanced over at him during her time at the podium.

"I'm not going to comment on your beautiful legs," Longoria teased.

"I've known Betty Jean my whole life and this is the first time she came up and touched my legs," Neal replied with a laugh.

"My wife isn't here Betty Jean," he added playfully.

The king has spoken

Soon after Longoria had spoken, she offered to place a set of commemorative binoculars around the county judge's neck.

"I want to crown you," Longoria said as Neal leaned over to receive the binoculars.

"OK, I'm official now," Neal said as he looked down at the binoculars.

"Now, keep your eyes off my legs," he added with a laugh as he glanced over at Longoria, who was still whispering about the county judge's legless attire to other attendees.

"Off the Wall" is compiled from various public meetings from around Nueces County. News Editor Tim Olmeda contributed to this report.