After more than 50 years at its location along Main Avenue in Robstown, Capital Farm Credit has moved to a new building near Calallen.

Pat Ordner, a loan administrator with Capital Farm Credit, said the decision to move was made in order to offset growing maintenance costs at the old location, as well as providing customers with a better facility to be served in. Capital Farm Credit has undergone numerous name changes since opening in Robstown in 1958, she added.

"We were putting a lot of money into (the old building)," Ordner said. "But it's really nice here and we enjoy it. The customers are very pleased with (the new building) and they're happy that we are here."

The new 3,000-square-foot building, which is double the old facility's space, is along Farm-to-Market Road 1889, just before the bustling Northwest Boulevard area in Calallen. It is situated directly in between vacant farmland and a growing suburb teeming with business, Ordner said.

Capital Farm Credit is a bank cooperative, she said, which is different from a commercial bank in the sense that Capital Farm does not have any checking or savings accounts. It is strictly a lending service aimed at providing loans for farming equipment, rural and ranch lots and rural housing.

"The people who get loans with us, they are our stockholders," Ordner said. "It's not just farmers we have, though. We have doctors and lawyers, too, who may want to buy a ranch to go to on the weekends."