SkillsUSA is a program that teaches young adults who are interested in developing their skills to become contributing members of the work force. Through the development of their skills, the students learn how better to present themselves, provide a skill that is needed by an employer and to perform well on the job.

On Oct. 4, the officers for the SkillsUSA Drafting Club of Robstown High School attended the eleventh annual SkillsUSA Fall Leadership Training Conference at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. They were instructed on how to perform their duties as officers, as well as attending sessions on community service and fund raising, promotion and recruitment, teamwork and goal setting. The students enjoyed meeting students from chapters all over South Texas and getting a glimpse of life on a college campus. One of the students commented that there were people from all over the world there and it was so different from high school.

The officers attending were Andrew Arredondo - President, Justin Lascano - Vice President, Leo Rendon - Treasurer, Nickolas Garcia - Parliamentarian, Gilbert Gill - Sergeant-at-Arms and Joshua Rendon - Historian.