Two projects in Western Nueces County have finally been completed.

Nueces County Commissioners received two certificates of substantial completion for renovation projects to the Hilltop and Robstown community centers.

Work had begun on the Robstown Community Center in April to address issues with a leaky roof and water damage to the facility. The contract, priced at about $190,000, was awarded to Zimmerman Construction Co., based out of Burnet, Texas.

Substantial completion is "the stage in the progress of the work when the work or designated portion is sufficiently complete in accordance with the contract documents so that the owner can occupy or utilize the work for its intended use."

Precinct 1 Commissioner Peggy Banales, whose precinct includes the Hilltop Community Center, said the area of the facility undergoing renovations, Wing "F," has actually been in use the past few months, but added it is good to be able to have the project officially reach this phase.

"I'm extremely happy about it and we have actually used (Wing "F")," Banales said. "All the patrons have been really complementary about it."

The contract for the Hilltop renovations, priced at about $275,000, was awarded to Progressive Structures Inc. in 2005.