The kick-off for Red Ribbon Week at St. Anthony School began Oct. 25 with children tying red ribbons along the front gate of the school. They then gathered together, forming a chain to keep the school drug-free.

The event was followed by a parade around the school. Students also wore red shirts and red caps in celebration of Red Ribbon Week.

On Oct. 26, students teamed up against drugs by wearing their favorite sports team jerseys, then wore house slippers to give drugs "the slip."

Children wore "Crazy Socks" on Oct. 28, and some students wore a crazy hat, as well. And, at the end of the week, McGruff the Crime Dog came to visit with the children as Robstown police officers talked to the students about how important it is to stay drug-free. A winner of the school's poster contest was also chosen at the end of the day.

The Red Ribbon Week activities were directed by eighth-grade teacher Naomi Gonzales and the student council.