After a 2008 mistrial, prosecutors with the Nueces County District Attorney's office will be re-filing charges against two boot camp instructors accused of dragging a teenage girl behind a van in Banquete nearly three years ago.

Online court records show misdemeanor assault charges will be filed against Charles Eugene Flowers, 49, and Stephanie Bassitt, 23. The pair had faced felony charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly tying then-15-year-old Siobahn McClintock to a van in June 2007 after she fell behind on a run and then dragging her behind the vehicle.

The incident allegedly occurred during a Christian Boot Camp in Banquete.

However, a May 2008 trial was declared a mistrial after jurors were unable to unanimously reach a verdict.

Prosecutor Mike Gordon said on Monday the decision to file misdemeanor assault charges stemmed from the fact that the court had found the van allegedly involved in the incident could not be considered a deadly weapon.

Also, the victim's mother did not want to pursue the charges any further, he added.

Flowers and Bassitt could still face up to 1 year in a county jail, along with a fine up to $4,000, if convicted on the misdemeanor charges, Gordon said.