A pair of public parks will have two engineering firms design plans for renovation projects.

Nueces County Commissioners last week selected Dos Logistics Inc. of Donna to "provide the design of improvements to the Lyondell Community Park." The site had been donated to the city of Corpus Christi and the county in 1997 by Oxy-Chem Corp., now known as Lyondell Chemical Co., for use as a youth sports complex, county officials said.

The park already had three youth baseball fields, scoreboards, fencing, spectator stands and a paved parking area.

Edward Herrera, county director of inland parks, said the work is Phase II of a renovation project, Phase I of which was completed last year. Phase I saw the installation of a bathroom and concession area, playground area and upgrades of the electrical and sprinkler systems.

Phase II will see the parking lot get refurbished, plus the addition of another parking lot. Also, a walking trail will be built for public use and pads with walkways will be built for handicapped individuals to have better access to the park, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

"We don't really have ramps out there right now," Herrera said. "But people who go out there with wheelchairs can get into the park pretty easy, though."

The planning and design phase of the project is expected to cost about $20,500, which will be paid with monies from the 2004 Certificates of Obligation, which do not require voter approval, for Precinct 1 Commissioner Peggy Banales. Dos Logistics will also be responsible for overseeing and reviewing the work done by whatever contractor is designated to conduct the project, Herrera said.

Agua Dulce

LNV Engineering Inc. of Corpus Christi was also selected last week by county commissioners to "prepare plans and specifications for the fourth phase of the Bobby Ray and Opal Younts Park" in Agua Dulce.

Phase I involved the installation of two covered pavilions, playground equipment, a walking trail and a basketball court. Phase II consisted of the repair of County Road 103 and the installation of lighting for a walking trail addition to the parking areas, while Phase III involved the construction of ADA compliant bathrooms, county officials said.

Precinct 2 Commissioner Betty Jean Longoria submitted a request for the project, which is comprised of the installation of two parking lots, privacy fencing, renovation of the Agua Dulce Public Works yard, installation of a sidewalk to the park and the addition of decorative fencing surrounding the park.

One of the parking lots to be built will be used by the Justice of the Peace office in Agua Dulce, Herrera said.

"We're just trying to take care of his concerns," Herrera said. "It's a very small parking lot that they have over there right now."

The design phase of the Agua Dulce park project will cost about $25,000, which will also come from the 2004 Certificates of Obligation, county officials said.

No timetable has been set for work to begin on either project.