A Robstown detention center was recently found to be in non-compliance with state guidelines following an inspection by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.

Coastal Bend Detention Center, owned and operated by LCS Corrections Services Inc., was visited May 20 by representatives with the TCJS, during which an inspection was conducted. The results were posted on the ageny's Web site last month.

In the report, the detention center is cited four times for different violations, including:

• Not conducting an initial custody assessment for an inmate’s classification file. The assessment is used to determine custody levels prior to housing assignments.

• Exceeding 30-minute intervals for observation of inmates housed in the separation area.

• Assigning jailer duties to a staff member who did not have a valid jailer license.

• Not maintaining a sufficient number of jailers assigned to inmate housing areas to meet the state-mandated one officer to 48 inmates ratio and provide direct inmate supervision.

Officials with the Coastal Bend Detention Center said they have begun taking corrective measures on the violations cited by inspectors in the report, including additional training to remind jailers of checking on inmates in separation every 30 minutes.

The jailer who did not have a valid jailer’s license had a peace officer’s license, but a waiver requested by the facility had not been approved at the time of the inspection, jail officials said. That employee now has a temporary jailer license.

Staffing levels for the facility and its 1,056 inmate capacity are still a concern for state officials, however. The detention center is currently housing about 900 inmates, including some from Jim Wells County.

“They’re understaffed — that’s the bottom line,” TCJS Executive Director Adan Munoz said.

Nueces County does not have any prisoners at the Robstown facility, Sheriff Jim Kaelin said on Monday, because the county would have to pay for such an arrangement. However, the county jail is nowhere near capacity for such a measure to be necessary, he added.