When most people think of 4H, they probably don't think of computers.

But to those people, I would have to say, "Think again." From bluetooth access in your pick-up trucks to computerized John Deere tractors, the world of livestock and agriculture has moved into a new world of technology.

This year, Chaparral 4H has decided to join the digital age with a brand new Web site. Our site focuses on keeping our club members informed about meetings and deadlines.

Members post details about their accomplishments, their projects, and themselves. They also upload pictures and communicate with one another through forum discussions.

The Chaparral 4H Web site also provides helpful links to other 4H Web sites, such as the Nueces County Junior Livestock, Texas AgriLife Extension and 4H Connect. I invite you to log on to our organization's Web site, www.chaparral4h.webs.com, and tell us what you think.

Hopefully, our site will become a place full of helpful hints for the various projects that 4H has to offer for members around the county.

Maybe you can use some of the information you find there, and you may even see someone you know.