Nine-year-old Adam Isaiah Perez, who underwent a leg amputation last week to remove a cancerous growth in his knee, is reportedly home and doing well after his nearly three-hour surgery.

His mother, Marisela, said on Monday that Adam, a fourth-grade student at Hattie Martin Elementary School, is in good spirits following the amputation of his left leg from just above his knee. Doctors from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio discharged him on Sunday after his recovery was moving along faster than expected.

After his surgery on Oct. 14, which lasted just under three hours, Adam was moved to a room to recover from the procedure and the anesthesia. After he recovered a bit, Marisela said her son asked not for water or food, but to see his leg.

Doctors had warned Marisela and her husband, Enrique, that granting such a request could put the young boy into shock. However, Adam was adamant that he could handle it, Marisela said.

"He asked me, 'Mama, can I see my leg?'" she said. "I asked him, 'Are you sure?' and he said 'Yes, Mama, I'll be OK.' And when he saw his leg, he just looked up at me and my husband and just gave us a big smile."

Aside from a slight fever after the surgery, which doctors assured Marisela was a normal occurrence, Adam recovered rather quickly. Now that he is home, doctors have given him a temporary prosthetic leg and a walker to move around with. His mother monitors how much pain medication to give him, but so far, that has been kept to a minimum.

"I know he's in pain," Marisela said. "It's just that the way he's doing everything by himself, he's just doing so well."

Adam was diagnosed with cancer in July after he visited Driscoll Children's Hospital for a fractured leg. After having a series of tests done, doctors discovered that the nine-year-old had a tumor the size of a baseball in his knee that had spread into the bone. Amputation was the only course of action to ensure the cancer did not spread any further.

Marisela and her husband are still out of work in order to spend their time focusing on their son's recovery. He will still have to undergo chemotherapy until February, which doctors hope will put the cancer into remission, Marisela said.

However, the family will also have to make weekly trips to San Antonio in order for doctors to monitor Adam's recovery from the amputation.

An account at the Bank of America in Robstown is currently in place for the family in the name of Adam's mother, Marisela Perez, should anyone wish to make a monetary donation at the bank to benefit Adam and his family during their time in need.

"I want to thank everybody for being there for my son," Marisela said. "All the prayers did help him because he's just recovering so fast. He's some kid, you know? He's my baby, my angel."