On Nov. 30, Registered Nurses with Corpus Christi Medical Center held a press conference at the Holiday Inn Emerald Beach. The group of nurses are a part of National Nurses United.

Two weeks prior, 87 percent of CCMCs nurses authorized a negotiating team to call for a one-day strike in response to staffing proposals that have yet to be remedied. The Registered Nurses first put in staffing proposals in January 2011.

Several nurses on the negotiating team recently addressed the media, holding a banner showing the signatures of concerned nurses.

“These are the petitions signed by hundreds of nurses,” longtime ER nurse Fred Flores said. “The nurses experience was totaled and it came out to 35,000 years of experience. This much experience can't be wrong.”

While the strike has been authorized, the nurses are still waiting for some results at the bargaining table. The National Nurses United confirmed that they expect some results from negotiations, which took place last week. They also stated that they are in the midst of negotiations with hospitals across the country owned by the same company of CCMC, all regarding staffing and work conditions.

Calls made to CCMC were not returned as of press time.

“Our nurses union is our voice,” Lavaughn Renner, one of the nurses present, said. “They will allow us to be the best we can be. And our best includes patient outcomes.

“You know, it is our right, and we just might (strike).”