On March 27, the UIL academics teams competed in a district meet. The teams overall received first place in the Journalism Division and second place in the Number Sense, Social Studies, and Spelling and Vocabulary divisions.

"We had an outstanding showing this year as most every team and the one-act play scored points," Journalism teacher Janet Simpson said. "I appreciate the time and sacrifice these students made to represent Calallen High School."

The team competed with a lot of intensity and they used all of what they had practiced to get ready. As a freshman, Britton Simpson earned second place and qualified for regionals in the Prose Interpretation Division.

"I was extremely nervous because I knew that there were older and more experienced competitors," Britton Simpson said. "I broke to finals and I was excited and I couldn't believe I got the chance to go to regionals. Now I have a lot of work to do to get ready."

Placing in district boosted a lot of contestants' confidence. Senior Vanessa Perales was awarded second place in the Headline Writing Division and is advancing to regionals.

"I think I can do pretty well at regionals," Perales said. "I may not go to state, but I think I can probably place."

Even though some contestants are able to go to regionals, some decided not to go this year. Senior Lauren Ferguson received second place in the Feature Writing Division.

"I feel proud that I've earned the chance to go to regionals even though I won't be able to attend," Ferguson said.

Contestants compete against each other and make new friends that they can compete against later on in the future.

"I'm excited for regionals and that I get to share this experience with other people who made it as well," senior Sean Ponce said.

One of the competitors received places in two events. Senior Leslyn Felder was awarded first place in Headline Writing and third place in Feature Writing and will be going to regionals for both divisions.

"I'm really proud of myself because this is my first year in competing," Felder said, "So, overall, I'm excited."

Contestants like Junior West Buchanan, who received third place in the Poetry Interpretation Division, said he will work harder to prepare himself for the competition.

"I received third place at district so I'm a little worried about regionals," Buchanan said, "I'm not really stressing it because I always have next year to do better."