Candidate: Benito Reyes Jr.


I am a 2009-10 Board Representative in the Nueces County Community Action Agency Board of Directors and a 2010 Executive Board Member of the Nueces County Community Action Agency. I'm a member of the Bishop Neighborhood Council. I am also secretary of the St. James Catholic Cemetery Committee, secretary of the St. James Catholic Parish Council and secretary assistant volunteer in St. James Church.

I have 12 years of management and administrative skills, eight years of paraprofessional experience, and 15 years of home health experience. I am very dedicated and hard working. I also have certifications in Preventive Maintenance in Aggressive Behavior, Technology in the Classroom and Certification of Paraprofessional Aide III.

What is the most pressing issue facing the City of Bishop?

There are (two) major pressing issues facing the City of Bishop.

1. Flooding: With the hurricane season around the corner, flooding is a major concern. We have had a few days of consecutive rain and the flooding was tremendous. Now imagine if we were struck with a hurricane this year.

2. Bringing an affordable grocery store or HEB to Bishop so that the residents are not forced to pay outrageous prices at surrounding convenience stores or have to drive all the way to Kingsville just to buy a few groceries.

How would you work to address this?

For the flooding, I would help the mayor and the other council member come up with an evacuation strategy to ensure that all citizens of Bishop have the ability to move north away from the flooding and make sure they had ample warning to do so. I would also ensure that if we were hit with a hurricane, Bishop would have the adequate assistance they need to move forward with their lives.

As for the grocery store I would like to contact HEB executives to see if there would be some way to bring a chain store to our town to help our citizens in all their daily grocery needs. Either way, Bishop needs more restaurants and grocery stores. I would help the mayor in any way I could.