Assault charges filed by two Robstown Independent School District trustees against a former board member were dropped by the pair on Friday.

Robstown Municipal Court records show board members Robert Tapia and Pablo Avila both dropped their claims against Victor Orona. The pair had alleged Orona verbally and physically assaulted them during a Jan. 26 altercation.

"My main focus as president was to protect the board member, Mr. Avila," Tapia said. "This will be a record that's on file. I didn't want to cost anybody any money, or go to court, which is why I dropped it."

Orona has insisted there was no assault, adding he felt if the pair tried to claim there was during a trial, they would "be committing perjury in court."

Orona said on Tuesday he is still going to discuss "all legal options available" as a result of Tapia and Avila's initial charges and claims.

"That was the wrong thing for them to do on their end," Orona said.

Note: Managing Editor Christopher Maher contributed to this report.