Calallen East Elementary School was full of bears and crocodiles last week. But not to worry parents, they were imaginary and all in good fun.

The school was host to Jean Fieldman, also known as Dr. Jean, a renowned author of educational books for children in preschool and kindergarten. She also has various recordings that are used in classrooms to teach children various life and educational lessons through song.

Fieldman's Oct. 2 visit to the school was free of charge.

Katie Cavazos, a kindergarten teacher at Calallen East, said she has attended many of Fieldman's workshops and utilizes her recordings and books in the classroom. Cavazos said she asked Fieldman to come to the school during Fieldman's visit to the area last week.

"She makes learning fun for (the kids)," Cavazos said. "It's interesting because they don't realize they're learning because they're having so much fun."

Nearly 600 students filled the school's cafeteria to sing along with Fieldman for about one hour while she went through her various CDs. One such instance had students imagining they just spotted a bear in the woods. They had to react and pretend to swim away from the bear by moving their arms.

Another involved a brain twister of sorts, which required students to place their left hand on their nose and their right hand on their left ear, tapping them as they did so and singing a song. Many of the teachers in the audience trying to join in on the fun got a laugh at how difficult the routine seemed to be when first trying it for themselves.

After the event was over, students returned to their classes, but Fieldman said she enjoyed her visit to the campus and hoped to come back in the future.

"I was really impressed with the kids," Fieldman said. "This is the kind of school I'd want my grandchildren to go to."