A Robstown-area man has been arrested and charged with burglarizing two Robstown businesses last month near County Road 36 and U.S. Highway 77.

Daniel Torres, 30, of 3376 County Road 79, was charged with burglarizing J&B Pavelka Trucking on April 22 and Black Angus Steel Container on April 13.

He was charged with two counts of third-degree felony burglary and taken to the Nueces County Jail where he remained this week on two $5,000 bonds.

Robstown police said two men broke into J&B Pavelka at about 1:18 a.m. April 22 by tearing the chain link fence by the west dirt field.

The men then cut the phone line to the building, disabling the alarm system, police said, before tearing a piece of aluminum wall to enter the building.

Once inside, the men damaged a video surveillance camera and a sensor to the alarm system.

Police said the men then stole two computer systems, a vending machine with a 150-foot cooper lead, and a white pickup truck, which was subsequently found in rural Nueces County.

Police said surveillance footage captured both suspects committing the burglary, although the men covered their faces with cloth to conceal their identities.

Torres was brought in for questioning April 30 and confronted with physical evidence from the crime scene, including shoeprints and possible DNA, police said.

When confronted, police said Torres confessed to the J&B Pavelka burglary.

Police said another charge was added when evidence led to Torres's involvement with the Black Angus Steel Container burglary, which is located in the same area as J&B Pavelka.

The second suspect in the J&B Pavelka burglary remained at large Tuesday. Police asked anyone with information to call the Robstown Police Department at 387-3531, or Crimestoppers at 888-TIPS.