Republican challenger Connie Scott rode a strong turnout for early voting to an election night victory over incumbent Democrat Abel Herrero for the District 34 State Representative seat.

Scott received 57 percent of the early voting total, with 7,690 votes to Herrero's 5,904. Scott ended the night with 54 percent of the vote, taking 13,887 votes to Herrero's 11,847.

"We're just very excited and very humbled. We look forward to what's in store now," Scott said following her victory. "I hope to get ready to go to work for (the voters) very soon, and hope they will hold me accountable as well. That's one of the things I ran on, is holding government accountable, and I expect them to call me on the carpet."

Scott acknowledged that the nationwide trend of Republican victories played a part in her win, but said she believed the voters had also embraced her message.

"I think people were just ready for fresh leadership. It's time for a change and to give somebody else an opportunity," Scott said. "Thank you to all the supporters and all the volunteers. I'm just honored to be here tonight, to be put in this position."

Herrero congratulated his opponent on her victory, and thanked his supporters for allowing him to serve.

"We accept defeat as we would accept victory. We're very grateful and honored that the constituents of District 34 have given us the opportunity to become part of Texas' history," Herrero said. "Everything we've done, we've done because we felt it was in the best interest of the constituents. How we proceed is no different. We accept the will of the voters, and we're here to continue to help in any shape or form."

Herrero also acknowledged the nationwide results, and said the voters had sent a clear message.

"Knowing the results of elections throughout the state, I think it's a sentiment that's made its way across the country…and District 34 is no exception," Herrero said. "In a free country and a Democratic process, the voters decide who they want to choose as their representative, and we accept that."

As for his future plans, Herrero said he would not rule out seeking political office in the future.

"We'll take the time we now have to spend with my family," Herrero said. "Politics is always something I've been interested in. Being engaged and involved is something that's always been part of what has been a purpose in life for me. As for what the next chapter brings, only time will tell."