The grandson of a former mayor and councilman of Robstown is looking to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and obtain his first position in city government.

Jose Cruz Gonzalez, 33, said he is looking to bring new ideas to a city that has not progressed to its full potential.

"Honestly, just the way the town's going, it's been in idle for a number of years," Gonzalez said, adding that he's found the city's work on the streets, while necessary, to be conveniently timed to coincide with the mayor and city council's reelection campaign.

"Very conveniently for them, they start production on the streets and now people are seeing progress," Gonzalez said. "The problem with that is that these people (voters) aren't ignorant. They see that it is election time and all the roads are being worked on."

As one of two challengers to incumbent Mayor Rodrigo Ramon Jr., the other being Robstown resident Ruben Vaiz, Gonzalez said he takes issue with the current administration claiming progress for projects brought in by U.S. Rep. Solomon Ortiz, such as the proposed inland port and U.S. Army warehouse facility.

"You hear about all this stuff that (Ortiz) is bringing, but that's Solomon's doing," Gonzalez said. "It's just the right time to come in because there are a lot of people asking for someone different to run.

"So when I was approached, I decided to run."

Gonzalez, who is also a single father with a daughter, said if elected, he will fight to lower utility rates for residents, add more transparency in city government and listen to the needs of the city's taxpayers.

"I'm here to offer a full-time position as mayor, not part-time," Gonzalez said. "(Ramon) is a person that you never see, even when he's in town. People can know that if they have issues or they want to talk about something, I'm going to have an open-door policy and I'll stand by that."